Model: Apo 105/650 LW
In responds to our customers requirements, we have now created a new run of lightweight tubes with the following optimized design: newly designed retractable dew cap, to facilitate quick focusing a sliding draw tube with attached 2" Feather Touch focuser which moves into the main tube on new teflon straps and secures with locking hand screw against any tilting . This new combination allow to use any binoviewer with any diagonal mirror without optical path correctors and still achieve focus. Also included is a Vixen style mount rail. This new ultracompact and lightweight model is fully airline portable. It offers you a 2" wide field eyepieces maximum FOV of 4.2 degrees. Screw into your 2" low power eyepiece a 2" nebulae filter and see the North America Nebula with contrast as never before.

The optics possess such exceptional chromatic and spherical correction that, in excellent seeing, you'll be able to push magnification beyond traditional extremes for planetary and double star observing with the greatest of contrast and resolution. For imaging we recommend, based on our customers experiences, use of a TeleVue 0.80x field flattener/reducer for best edge performance.


• LW tube
• 2" Starlight Feather touch focuser
• 50mm finder bracket
• tube rings
• 2" / 1.25" adapter
• rail

Technical Datas:
• total weight include tuberings: 4,7 kg, = 10.3 lbs
• tube diameter: 135 mm
• dew cap diameter: 156 mm
• drawtube between tube and focuser, moving way: 100 mm
• observing length : 610 mm = 24.01 inch
• shortest length for transportation : 440 mm ( 17.3inch)
• back focus when focuser is racked in and drawtube is in: 246 mm
• back focus when focuser is racked out and drawtube is racked out: 146 mm
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